Non-Custodial Parent PROFILE Instructions

If your parents are divorced, separated, or were never married (and are not living together), your noncustodial parent is required to complete the Noncustodial PROFILE. The application is available online at Following the completion of the CSS PROFILE registration process, the College Board will provide you with instructions and information to pass on to the noncustodial parent. Instructions will include:

  • A link to the Noncustodial PROFILE website where the noncustodial parent will need to log in;
  • A pre-assigned login and password that must be used by the noncustodial parent the first time he or she accesses the site;
  • A message clarifying that the noncustodial parent will be required to change the pre-assigned password to access the application.

Should the noncustodial parent have any problems with the application, extensive online help is available from College Board.