Budget Increase Needs

Sometimes your actual expenses exceed Cornell’s budgeted cost to attend. When this happens, a budget increase is necessary. Your total cost of attendance can be increased to include your additional educational costs, allowing eligibility for more loan or work funding. If your Cornell Grant funding was reduced because of an outside scholarship, some or all of your grant can be reinstated through this process.

Undergraduates: complete the Undergraduate Student Loan Request Form
Graduate Students: complete the Graduate Student Budget Increase Form

Below are some typical educational costs that are allowable under the budget increase process.


  • Architecture fees, studio fees, lab fees, etc.
  • Physical education class fees
  • Computer (one time only, up to $2,000)


  • Student health plan, dental, and vision plans (minus the $350 health-related expenses included in the budget)
  • Fitness center membership


  • Single room on campus
  • Program House fees
  • Off-campus housing costs exceeding CU budget: rent, heat/electric, water/sewer, internet


  • Climbing wall pass
  • Omni-ride pass
  • Winter clothing (one time only for new students from warm climates)
  • Child care (you must be the custodial parent of a dependent child)