Summer FWS Application

The 2019 summer employment term is Thursday, May 9th, through Wednesday, August 14th, 2019.

Federal Work Study (FWS) awarded in your financial aid package during the academic year does not carry over into the summer employment term. As such, you would need to separately apply for federal work study for the summer. Please see the information below regarding how to apply – based on your intended place of summer employment.

On Campus Employer:

If you are intending to work in a paid position for an on-campus employer; you will not be enrolled in 6 or more credits Summer Session Courses; you had applied for and been reviewed for financial aid for Spring 2019; and you were registered full time for Spring 2019 and intend to register full time for the Fall 2019 term, then you would want to complete the Summer 2019 On-Campus Federal Work Study Application. If you will be enrolled in 6 or more credits, then you would need to complete the Summer Session Aid Application.

Local Non-Profit Community Service Agency:

If your potential employer is a non-profit community service agency in Ithaca or close proximity to Ithaca, you must complete the Community Work Study Program (CWSP) application. Information, applications, and contact information are available through the University Public Service Center, online at

Off Campus Employer:

If you are applying for FWS to work with an off-campus employer, you must complete a Develop Your Own (DYO) Internship application.  Off campus employers include employers in the local Ithaca area (not a nonprofit or community service employer), or an employer in any of the fifty United States.  Information and applications are available online at

New York City Public Service Corps:

If you wish to work for the New York City Public Service Corps, you must complete the agency application, information and applications are available online at