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Graduate Students

The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment processes Graduate Student loans. If you are going to attend one of the professional schools (Johnson, Law or Vet), please contact their financial aid office directly to discuss your options.

This page provides information about the cost of attendance, applying for federal and private loans, applying for an additional loan (budget increase), and information about signing promissory notes and entrance counseling. We strongly recommend that you read our Loan Information for Graduate Students.

Academic Year Federal Loans

To apply for the upcoming academic year, complete the following by May 1:

Summer Federal Loans (only if enrolled in 6 or more credits)

You may apply for and receive graduate federal loans if you will be enrolled in six (6) or more credits over the summer.

To apply for summer graduate federal loans:

Budget Increase

You may find that you need additional loan due to your actual cost of attendance being greater than the estimated cost of attendance. Complete and submit the Graduate Student Budget Increase Application.

Cost of Attendance

We create a budget based on an estimate of what it will cost a student to attend Cornell University Graduate School for one academic year/summer. To find details on which budget column is applicable to you, find your field. Below are the estimated budgets for 2019-20 and 2018-19.

2019-20 Estimated Budget

2019-20 Endowed Colleges (professional degrees**) Professional degree** programs in NYC Contract Colleges (professional degrees**) Endowed Colleges (research degrees***) Contract College (research degrees***) Summer 19 Ithaca Summer 19 NYC
Tuition $56,550 *Depends on degree program $37,022 $29,500 $20,800 *Depends on degree program *Depends on degree program
Student Activity Fee $85 $85 $85 $85 $85 Only charged to full-time programs Only charged to full-time programs
Health Insurance Fee $2,832 est. $2,832 est. $2,832 est. $2,832 est. $2,832 est Only charged to full-time programs Only charge to full-time programs
Housing Allowance (on- or off-campus) $12,370 $16,300 $12,370 $12,370 $12,370 $4,124 $5,434
Dining Allowance (on- or off-campus) $6,770 $7,320 $6,770 $6,770 $6,770 $2,257 $2,440
Books & Supplies $1,330 $1,330 $1,330 $1,330 $1,330 $443 $443
Personal & Miscellaneous $6,748 $8,800 $6,748 $6,748 $6,748 $2,249 $2,933
TOTAL $86,685 *Depends on degree program $67,157 $59,157 $50,935 *Depends on degree program *Depends on degree program

*In absentia tuition charge (all colleges): $400; MPS ILR NYC: $28,274; ILR EMHRM 2018-19 cohort: $52,612; ILR EMHRM 2019-20 cohort: $54,584; EMHA 2019-20 cohort: $71,472

*Summer tuition - MS Advanced Architecture Design (Post-professional): $28,275; ILR EMHRM 2018-19 cohort: $15,783; 2019-20 cohort: $5,459; EMHA 2019-20 cohort: $14,296

**Professional degrees (MAT, MFS, MHA, MILR, MLA, MMH, MRP, and MPS)

***Research degrees (M.A., M.S., M.S./Ph.D., Ph.D.) and non-degree students

Cost of Living (Ithaca) - Academic Year: $27,218 ($30,135 including SHP & SAF); Per Semester: $13,609 (does not include SHP & SAF); Summer 2019: $9,073

Cost of Living (NYC) - Academic Year: $33,750 ($36,667 including SHP & SAF); Per Semester: $16,875 (does not include SHP & SAF); Summer 2019: $11,250

Disbursement of Loans

Loans will be paid in equal installments that correspond to your billing periods.

For students accepting the Federal Direct Loan, Cornell University uses an online Master Promissory Note (MPN). Students who will borrow through the Grad PLUS program and who have submitted the required separate application to our office will also complete a separate MPN. First-time borrowers at Cornell University must complete the MPN and required entrance counseling session. Continuing borrowers do not need to do anything as you signed a Master Promissory Note in the past.

Private Student Loans

If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or are ineligible for federal student loans, you may apply for a student educational loan through an alternative/private lender.

Private lenders will vary on the interest rate, how much can be borrowed, and repayment terms. Research the different options to see which you prefer and apply directly through that lender.

****The selection of a private lender is the students’ choice.  Many vendors offer educational loans.  Any list of vendors provided is a partial listing of the largest commercial lenders compiled based on services offered to students, interest rates, and past loans taken out by students. The Graduate School receives no compensation or items of value from these vendors.  Students should consult with lenders regarding loan terms, particularly whether or not lenders sell loans and if terms or conditions beneficial to the borrower travel with the loans that are sold.

For information regarding internal fellowships or assistantships please contact your department.  For information on non-internal fellowships or assistantships, you may visit our fellowship database.