Important Information: The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment is now open and is accepting in person and virtual appointments.

The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment is working diligently to notify students who are still awaiting the results of their 2021-22 financial aid application. We acknowledge the additional stress this is causing and appreciate your patience.

Cornell University began distributing the third round of HEERF Emergency Grants on September 13, 2021. Funds do not impact financial aid eligibility and are being processed as refunds directly through the Bursar’s Office. You can find additional information about the allocation and delivery of HEERF Emergency Grants on the Cornell University COVID-19 Response page, under HEERF Emergency Funding, which is updated regularly to describe new developments in funding and awarding: Please email if you have any questions.

Course Repeats and Financial Aid Eligibility

According to federal legislation, repeat classes may only count towards financial aid eligibility if (a) the course was previously failed or (b) the course was previously passed only once. This means a student who fails a class may repeat a class and have it count as credit toward the determination of enrollment status for financial aid purposes but a student who has already passed a class may only repeat the class once more (i.e., to receive a better grade) and have these credits count toward financial aid eligibility. The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment does not determine if you may repeat a class, only whether you may be eligible for financial aid for a repeat class. Beginning Summer 2019, impacted students will receive an email notification.