Residence Hall Positions/Telluride

As a student staff member or Telluride resident, you are not charged for your room, so you will not see a housing charge on your bursar bill. Your financial aid is adjusted to reflect this change. Whenever possible, we try to reduce the self-help (loan and work component) in your offer. If the amount you receive in “rent-free housing” (plus any other outside scholarship funding you may receive) exceeds the amount of work and loan in your aid package, remaining funds will be used to reduce your Cornell Grant.

“Student staff” include the following positions: Resident Advisors, Student Assistants, Assistant Residence Hall Directors, Language House Native Speakers, and this same adjustment applies to students who reside in Telluride House.

When students who receive financial aid become student staff or telluride residents, the housing and dining allowances are still included in their Cost of Attendance. We indicate that the housing cost is free by including an award called "Rent-Free Housing" in the financial aid offer. Note that Rent-Free Housing is an amount that will not credit to the bill; this amount is a placeholder to represent the free housing employment benefit the student is receiving. There is no additional cost to the family.