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We encourage you to review our Financial Aid FAQ for the most up to date information about financial aid. For more information specific to the impact of coronavirus across the University, please view Cornell's Coronavirus FAQ

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Financial Aid Eligibility

The amount of financial assistance a family needs each year is determined by the following formula:


Total Cost to Attend

Estimated costs include:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Housing (standard double-room rate)
  • Dining (Unlimited Meal Plan)
  • Books and supplies
  • Travel and miscellaneous

View the most current rates.

Family Contribution

Income, assets, family size, and the number of undergraduate children enrolled full-time in college are all considered when calculating the amount your family can contribute. If parents are separated or not married, Cornell reviews each one’s financial information. Usually, each parent is expected to contribute, and that expectation continues throughout your undergraduate years.

Cornell may make exceptions to this if your family has special circumstances.

Financial Need

After deducting what your family can pay from the total cost to attend, your financial need is determined. Your financial need may be met with a combination of work, loan and grant. Learn about the types of financial aid.


We try hard to be consistent in the way we consider your financial circumstances from year to year. If your family's financial circumstances remain relatively unchanged throughout your time at Cornell, you can expect a predictable financial aid package each year.