Graduate Student Budget Increase Application

Graduate Student Budget Increase Application

A budget increase allows us to award additional aid by increasing your cost of attendance, or budget, to match your actual expenses. If you have not already requested your federal loan, please complete the Graduate PLUS Federal Loan Request form.

Below are some typical educational costs that are allowable through a budget increase. If we have included an item in your estimated cost of attendance, we will award additional aid for a budget increase for the amount above what we included in the estimated cost of attendance.


  • Books and supplies (over $666/semester)
  • Physical education class fees
  • Computer: one-time loan up to $3,000 for one device (e.g. computer, tablet); warranty and necessary software can be included. Funds are disbursed to your bursar account and any outstanding charges are paid before a refund can be issued.

Required documentation:

  • Documentation of your expense if it's not charged on your bursar account.
  • Invoices or receipts for all books and supplies required for each course.
  • Computer: invoice or receipt showing amount paid.

Medical expenses

  • Student health plan, dental, and vision plans
  • Medical expenses (not covered by insurance)
  • Fitness center membership

Required documentation:

  • Documentation of your expense if it's not charged on your bursar account.
  • Bill from doctor and/or provider of services and documentation from insurance company of what will be covered by insurance.
  • Receipts or bills for medication, optical, or dental expenses; the bill must indicate amount not covered by insurance.


  • Ithaca based programs: Over $12,642 for 9 months
  • NYC based programs: Over $16,638 for 9 months 

Required documentation:

  • Documentation of your expense if it's not charged on your bursar account.
  • Copy of lease or copies of canceled rent checks.
  • Copies of utility bills specifying your portion (if claiming this expense).

Other (not all-inclusive)

  • Climbing wall pass
  • Omni-ride pass
  • Winter clothing (one time only for new students from warm climates)
  • Child care (You must be the custodial parent of a dependent child. Provide receipts from non-family sitter/day-care center. If you receive reimbursement from a social services agency or other sources, please indicate the total value of reimbursement.)
  • Please send an explanation of special circumstances to

Items not eligible

The following items are NOT eligible because we consider them to be non-essential expenses, so they are either part of your personal/miscellaneous budget or are extra expenses.

  • laundry money
  • City Bucks, Big Red Bucks
  • housing security deposits, first/last month's rent, furniture, moving/relocating expenses, summer housing
  • travel expenses for extracurricular activities
  • job interview costs (travel expenses, clothing expenses, etc.)
  • cable/satellite TV expenses
  • cell phone expenses
  • data usage and Net print fees
  • consumer debt, student loan payments
  • parking fines and vehicle-related expenses
  • support for dependents and spouse