Important Information: The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment has transitioned to a fully remote model of engagement. Assistance will continue uninterrupted via email, phone, and our secure document uploads. For more information see our message about continuing operations remotely

We encourage you to review our Fall 2020 Semester FAQ for the most up to date information about financial aid. For more information specific to the impact of coronavirus across the University, please view Cornell's Coronavirus FAQ

Please be mindful of phishing attempts regarding CARES Act Funding. To verify phishing attempts, please reference the Cornell IT Security Phish Bowl.

Appeal Application

Access our appeal application form for appealing your financial aid decision for the upcoming academic year.

Note for Continuing Students: Financial Aid will be sending aid notifications to continuing aid applicants in July. We are in the process of reviewing eligibility and realize that many families are experiencing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. If your family has experienced significant changes in financial circumstances, please review the appeal application information on this page. Any documentation submitted will be considered as part of your initial aid review for 2020-21 and will be reflected in the financial aid offer you receive. As your financial aid application is being reviewed, staff may reach out for current information regarding your financial situation.

Cornell University releases financial aid offers that best reflects the information submitted in the financial aid application.  

If information you provided in your financial aid application has changed or if the information was submitted incorrectly, you may submit an appeal.  Please be prepared to provide documentation that supports your request. The financial aid appeals FAQ is available as an additional resource for students and families regarding financial aid appeals.

Examples of circumstances we will consider include:

  • Significant loss of income due to termination or change in employment
  • Unexpected life event
  • High medical, educational, or family expenses
  • Correction to income information reported on financial aid application

Note: we are unable to consider appeals based on circumstances that include but are not limited to:

  • High consumer debt
  • Personal Expenses (pets, cars, housekeepers, vacations, sports, etc.)
  • Fraternity or Sorority expenses
  • Expenses that have not yet occurred

If you received a need-based financial aid offer from another Ivy League institution, Stanford, Duke or MIT we will strive to calculate the same eligibility based on the information provided.  The components that we will evaluate are the parent contribution, student contribution, and initial offers of loan and work.

Please submit a copy of the official aid offer from the other institution directly to the Financial Aid Office. 

Cornell is unable to consider evaluating scholarship offers that are not from another Ivy League institution, Stanford, Duke or MIT or offers based on athletics and/or merit.

Note: International students who received financial aid and want to appeal the decision should email Current international students who received financial aid and want to appeal the decision should email There is no appeal process for international students who were not selected to receive financial aid.

Appeal Application Form