Appealing Your Aid Decision

You have the right to appeal your financial aid decision if you feel there are extenuating circumstances. Submit the Appeal Application and necessary documentation along with an explanation of your circumstances.

Current students wishing to appeal their financial aid award due to changes in circumstances that occur after June 30th will be considered  for additional loan funding only.  If the appeal is approved, institutional grant funding will not be provided.

If you receive a more favorable need-based aid offer from another Ivy League institution, Stanford, Duke, and/or MIT, we welcome the opportunity to match their offer of financial aid. Please send us the Appeal Application along with a copy of the aid letter from the other institution.

Appeals will be reviewed only after all requested supporting materials are received. Complete appeals are reviewed within 7-10 business days.

Note: International students who received financial aid and want to appeal the decision should email There is no appeal process for international students who were not selected to receive financial aid.

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Financial Planning

Complete the Financial Planner to prepare for the upcoming year. This worksheet is intended for students who will be living and dining on campus.