Outside Scholarships

Scholarships or tuition benefits from outside private and non-profit institutions or organizations are another way to help finance your undergraduate education.

Important to Note:

Outside scholarships or tuition benefits will reduce the self-help component (loans and work component) of your financial aid package, but will not reduce the family contribution. If all the self-help support in your award is cancelled, in some cases, the Cornell grant aid may need to be reduced or cancelled as well. However, if your Cornell grant is reduced due to an outside scholarship, we can reimburse some or all of these funds if you have additional education expenses that would otherwise be awarded in loan. Review the Outside Award Grant Reimbursement Request for requirements.

Any resources raised through crowdsourcing will be treated as outside scholarship funds and will not reduce the family contribution.

Scholarship checks received by our office will be divided equally between fall and spring semesters, unless otherwise indicated in writing by the donor. It’s important to notify the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment of any outside scholarships you receive, so the appropriate adjustments can be made.

Scholarship checks should be sent to:

Cornell University
Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment
Scholarship Division
P.O. Box 752
Ithaca, NY 14851

Please do not send photocopies of checks to this address.

The list below can help you start your search for outside scholarships: