Alternative Loans and Financing

In addition to federal and university loans there are also other alternative loans and financing options to consider.

Cornell Installment Plan

The Cornell Installment Plan (CIP), also known as the Full-Service Payment Plan, administered by Blackboard/Cashnet, enables students and their families to make monthly installments to cover each semester's tuition and expenses. Learn more about the Cornell Installment Plan

Private loans

Private lenders can also provide student and parent loans to help cover education expenses. Cornell cannot recommend any particular lender, but encourages you to compare lenders and loan terms to select the lender that best fits your needs. Review these guidelines and tips to help you with the process. Students are responsible for researching and applying for their alternative loan. You may borrow up to the total cost of attendance less any financial aid.

Learn about the advantages of taking federal student loans over private, non-federal loans.

Historical Lending List

Below are lenders that Cornell undergraduates have used in the past. The contact information is provided as a service and not as an endorsement of the lender. You may choose one of these or any other lender of your choice. We recommend you apply with a qualified co-signer to assist with approval and potentially qualify for a lower interest rate.