Summer/Winter Session

Summer Session Financial Aid

  • Summer Session Application Deadline: May 1, 2023.
  • Summer Session financial aid is only available in the form on loans for matriculated Cornell University undergraduate students.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least six credits.
  • Cornell-based grant aid is not available for summer enrollment.
  • If you were eligible for Pell Grant during the academic year, you may be eligible for Pell Grant for summer classes. Our office will be reviewing eligibility and will award Pell Grant as appropriate for eligible students.
  • Prorated parent contributions are calculated for summer based on the parent contribution from the most recently completed academic year.
  • Bursar and Cornell Card balances must be paid in full to register for summer courses.
  • Undergraduate international students are not eligible to apply for financial aid for summer session.
  • Federal regulations require Cornell University to establish, publish, and apply reasonable standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). We will evaluate all students according to these standards after Spring grades are posted to confirm continued eligibility for aid. Your financial aid will be canceled if you are not meeting SAP requirements. We will notify you if you are not meeting these requirements. You will have an opportunity to appeal and provide additional information on your circumstances. Please review Cornell University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.
  • A Summer Session Aid Application is required. 

Winter Session Financial Aid

  • Winter Session financial aid is available in the form of loans for matriculated Cornell University undergraduate students.
  • Winter Session Aid is processed as a cost of attendance increase within the Spring 2023 term. A separate parental contribution is not calculated.
  • Cornell-based grant aid is not available for winter enrollment.
  • A Winter Session Aid Application is required.